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A CSR initiative of Hyve Group a Leader in Exhibitions & Conferences and Dream A Difference NGO, executed by ProMarcom Inc. Under this project, thousands of notebooks and pens were produced from recycled paper and distributed to underprivileged children. The initiative called “Recycle for Education” started with an extensive collection drive, inviting and encouraging the resident urban population to donate their household paper-waste like newspapers, magazines, old books, cardboard, corrugated packaging, print waste and paper stationary. Collections from the campaign were sorted, categorized, and subsequently recycled into fresh paper rolls. This recycled paper was then utilized to produce 20000 notebooks and 10000 eco-friendly plant-able seed pens, that were donated to children at slum localities via orphanages and childcare partners. Children were encouraged to sow the pens after use, and see them turning into a sapling. The initiative saved about 700 trees, 1 million liters of water, 140 cubic meters of landfill space and prevented environment from 30,000 kg of carbon emissions.
ProMarcom played a key role in designing, planning and executing this campaign for Dream A Difference NGO and Hyve India.


New Delhi (NCR), India


July 2022


Project Leader

Project type

CSR Initiative

Recycle for Education - A CSR Initiative

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