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Sep 2004 - Jul 2007 | Noida, India

Expomedia was a leading International Exhibitions & Conventions Company with its headquarters in the UK. I was a part of the founding team of the Indian Subsidiaries.

While we launched some of the most celebrated and professionally managed trade shows, we also cloned some successful International exhibition brands to India from Dubai and UK, Index, Big5, IPEX and Professional Beauty to name a few.

We also acquired the management rights of Expocenter, Greater Noida and we assisted the core team during it construction to ensure quality and service standards at par with other International Convention centres.

After successful entry of two subsidiaries into the Indian market, we opened doors for a third entity called Informedia to launch and manage professionally managed specialised conferences.

I was also a part of the core team to take charge of a series of acquisitions that were planned as the next steps. The first major acquisition was of all the shows that belonged to Tafcon, including Paperex, MMMM (Mining Minerals, Metals Metallurgy), amongst others.

Key Achievements:
Professional Beauty India Expo (2 editions), India Energy Summit with Informedia, Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit with Informedia, Metals, Metallurgy, Minerals and Materials (MMMM) Expo with Tafcon, Interiors International India Expo (3 editions with dmg Dubai), India International Construction & Contracting Exhibition (3 editions with dmg Dubai), Hospitality International India Expo (3 editions with dmg Dubai), Expo XXI Extravaganza 2006: Launch of Expocenter at Greater Noida
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